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1.PARIS, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- No.7 seed Petra Kvitova moved through to the semifinals at Roland Garros for the first time since 2012 thanks to a 6-3, 6-3 victory over Laura Siegemund in 78 minutes.。
2.Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and Anthony McGill both received a bye to the second round. Enditem。
3.Turkey responded well and created two chances in quick succession through Efecan Karaca and Yusuf Yazici in the 15th minute.。
4.Shao finished with 13 points, while Zhao Xuetong and Hu Yueming each had 11.。
5."We want athletics to have a permanent home in Japan," he said. "It would be a perfect solution to bring the world championships here as soon as possible," he said.。
6.Uruguay's next qualifier will be against Ecuador in Quito on Tuesday. Enditem。


1.AFC General Secretary Windsor John said the body was grateful for the support of QFA and is looking forward to the remaining exciting matches in Asia's premier club competition.。
2.It took the father only three years to win his first world champions title in 1994. Many predict his son is to follow in his footsteps sooner or later. Enditem。
3.According to Bayer Leverkusen, Arias suffered a fractured fibula and tore multiple ankle ligaments.。
4."However, in order to attract more to this sport, we arrange four players a team with a woman in each. The more people take part in, the better beach volleyball is popularized, and that's where the success of a sport lies in," said Liu.。
5.Ghana's Tariq Fosu opened the scoring on 22 minutes, but Qatar's Almoez Ali levelled the scores in the 44th minute.。
6."I don't like to individualize," the 67-year-old said. "Today that was the [strikeforce] we chose, tomorrow it may be another. They have to work for the team, just as they all worked for the team. I want the whole team to have that mentality because it's the only way to win."。


1.The GFA further announced matches may be played during mornings, mid-afternoons, or evenings depending on kick-off times agreed with its television partner Star Times,a Chinese company.。
2."Our defense slumped in the third quarter, and gave opponents many open shots from 3-point land," Hebei coach Ma Tao rued. Enditem。
3.Italy added another in the 30th minute when El Shaarawy found the net with the outside of his boot.。
4.O'Sullivan, 44, played his match in Milton Keynes, England on Monday with pink nails in an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer research.。
5."I never make changes thinking about other games. You can't play two games in one game. It's not a good idea. The first changes were tactical changes to ... bring on fresh legs and try to score more goals."。
6.Out of love, Ji kept practicing dribbling and shooting all year long during her primary school.。


1、"For so many years, I had been accustomed to setting an alarm clock every day and spending a day according to the schedule."。
2、The 35-year-old small forward posted a game-high 43 points in a rare 45 minutes of play.。
3、Like Matthaeus, the former midfielder is questioning Loew's tactical approach, counting on three central defenders supported by two defensive full backs.。
4、But the 56th meeting was a surprising one.。
5、"Leo continues to be a forward, whether that be as a No. 9 or second striker," Scaloni said. "But he is a forward and we always try to have three options up front. I don't think his position on the pitch has changed [at Barcelona]. In the end he is always a forward or an attacking player."。


"We have to always improve," Casemiro told reporters. "Douglas came in and did well but we'll get better as we adapt with every game," the 28-year-old added.!


  • 一片 10-23

    Uruguay will host Chile on Thursday and then go on to play in Ecuador on October 13. Enditem

  • 冥族 10-22

    CHENGDU, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Henan rallied past Zhejiang 95-90 in the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league here on Friday.

  • 的瞬 10-21

    A pair of free throws from Guo extended Hebei's advantage to 10 points midway through the second quarter.

  • 大闹 10-20

    The record Roland Garros winner grabbed it, firing an ace to end the two-hour-and-41-minute final with a love game. He then kneeled down, smiled widely and pumped his arms. It was the fourth time he has won his favourite tournament without conceding a set.

  • 一步 10-19

    The inexperienced coach had to compensate that by squeezing every minute.

  • 不属 10-18

    Bragantino's night went from bad to worse when Thonny Anderson was shown a straight red card for a reckless tackle on Edenilson with five minutes remaining.

  • 思七 10-17

    As many expected, the Djokovic-Nadal rivalry will present its 56th head-to-head clash in this year's Roland Garros showdown on the Court Philippe Chatrier on Sunday.

  • 在这 10-16

    Liu's demonstration video spread to local TV stations and outdoor screens, which brought her incredible joy.

  • 出来 10-15

    Slovan Bratislava, one of the top title-contenders, was also close to losing its third in succession but managed to edge out Miskolc in OT to earn the first points of the season.

  • 有绿 10-14

    Both sides traded the advantage in the second quarter before Zhejiang went on a late scoring run to race ahead 49-44 at the interval.

  • 一晃 10-13

    "I had already won a medal in Rio, so I am not going to be under pressure in Tokyo."

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